You may be wondering...

What is Breadcrumbs?

We are a storytelling service. Our work is built around three main questions: What is your story really about? How should your story be told? And, most important, what do YOU want out of your story? We use our decades of journalism experience in reporting, writing and photography to discover, chronicle and celebrate our clients’ personal stories. With the same skill and professionalism we’ve brought to global news coverage and magazine profiles of newsmakers and celebrities, we put your story in the spotlight it deserves. Through skilled interviewing, in-depth research and an unerring ability to tell memorable stories in memorable ways, we can:

  • discover the larger storylines at play in our clients’ lives and histories.
  • unearth the little things along the trail of breadcrumbs that your journey has left behind you.
  • track down the footprints you and your family have left in the world.
  • elevate celebrations such as retirements and weddings by infusing them with the stories that matter to you.
  • create keepsakes for you that guarantee your story will be preserved for generations to come.

We’ve spent years telling the world’s stories. We'd be happy to tell yours.

Who hires Breadcrumbs?

Our clients are individuals and families with an endless range of reasons for reaching out to us.

Maybe this is a milestone year: A wedding, graduation, retirement, birth or other big event is on the horizon, and you wish to elevate that celebration, highlighting its meaningful story and chronicling the details so that they stand the test of time.

Maybe you have children or grandchildren and want to capture the story of their childhood or make sure they know and can learn from stories of older generations.

Maybe you are aware that your own memory may not always be rock-solid or you have a relative experiencing some level of memory loss. We can create beautiful and practical tools to help jog their memory, and also to preserve big and small stories for you and future generations.

Maybe you are at a moment of transition in your life. Our ability to discover the overarching story that has brought you here, and our ability to privately capture and express it for you, can help to fuel progress into your next chapter.

Maybe you'd enjoy having the decor in your home more fully tell your story, allowing you to live in an even more inspiring atmosphere that shares more of your story with those who visit.

Or maybe you simply notice that life rockets by and social media posts disappear with lightning speed. We can help preserve and celebrate your story.

How does it work?

Although our projects are unique, hiring us is a bit like hiring an interior designer or architect.

First, you'll get in touch to let us know what interests you about our work. Then, we'll offer a range of possible services and products tailored just for you.

Once we've got the project planned with you, we begin interviewing and researching with the same standards we've always brought to our journalism, seeking out and contextualizing your authentic story. And we tell it in ways that you'll find enlightening and meaningful.

What if I want to create keepsakes or elevate an upcoming celebration through my own creativity?

We can help you make that happen.

Many of our clients want projects completed for them. But others hire us purely for our ideas and storytelling advice. After working with you to isolate exactly what you need and want, we can create a detailed portfolio of creative ideas and instructions specifically for your needs. If you wish, we can then help locate any resources you might need and guide you through the project, or we can leave you to the adventure of executing it all on your own.