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November 14, 2017
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Aging & Memory Loss

Through our own family experiences, we've become passionate about helping memory-challenged people and their loved ones. Whether someone is just beginning to forget things or entering assisted living with memories that are already fading, we offer many ideas for memory-preserving and memory-jogging projects. Just a few:

> Memory keepsakes for older people. Through interviews and historical research, we'll create a photo-illustrated book of brief stories (or even other items, like sets of cards) about the individual's life and loved ones and the times they lived through. Text sizes, length of stories and other details can be tailored specifically to the reader. Great for helping memory-challenged people enjoy their own histories in a positive way and as a conversation-starter with visitors or caregivers. Also helps a memory-challenged person introduce themselves to new friends.

> Decorating services for those moving to or living at independent-living or assisted-living homes: Care homes often encourage residents to use furnishings the institution provides. It's a practical choice, but it provides a generic space to inhabit. We help fill an older person's space with strategically chosen and created items, arrangements and color palettes that will surround them with their story, even as they pare down and simplify their living spaces.

> Research and preservation projects. Using our research and reporting skills, we gather memories from living relatives and explore the growing number of family history-related resources that will help piece together stories of your ancestors' lives, discovering powerful narratives and creating a wide range of keepsakes. We can also help those not yet coping with memory loss but interested in preserving their own memories for the future.

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