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November 14, 2017
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Personal Transitions

Sometimes the best way to powerfully move forward is to consider the path that’s brought you here.
Our personal transition writing services, designed specifically for women, are all about telling your story to help you navigate important life changes. Perhaps this means navigating a divorce or transitioning out of your child-rearing years, or another transition that involves moving your life forward. As you focus on where you’ve been and where you’re going, we can help use storytelling to support and deepen your experience.
This “Narrative Reset” can take the form of coaching you on powerful personal writing and helping edit your final draft, whether this is for purely private use or for publishing in some form. Or we can interview you and write a magazine-style biography charting your journey and teasing out the moments of strength and accomplishment that you may have been too busy to notice. This written document can be something you keep private and use for personal inspiration or something you can share publicly, as you wish.

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