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November 14, 2017
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November 14, 2017
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Milestones & Family Moments

Along with our work on weddings, we’ve also created services perfect for celebrating and commemorating all kinds of other milestone moments. We’re here to chronicle and bring a deeper sense of your story to important events like the birth of a child, a graduation, retirement, anniversary and memorable family travel. Our work can include projects like:

> Chronicling a meaningful year. Whether it’s the first year of a baby’s life or a student’s college career, or any other important season, we can create a chronicle that puts these experience in context and preserves them.

> Elevating a milestone celebration. For a retirement, milestone birthday or any other celebration, we can memorialize the larger story and legacy that has led to this day.

> Creating a virtual house tour. Imagine a book filled with panoramic photos of each room of your house, annotated with the little stories that have breathed life into your home — like the place where your daughter took her first step, or a favorite hide-and-seek corner, or the couch where your son planted himself to work on his homework. Years later, you’ll have a visual travel guide to the homes where your life has happened.

> Family recipe memoirs. We can not only preserve favorite dishes in cookbook form, but along the way we can tell the larger story of where foods, preferences and traditions in your life have come from.

> 25 Frames. These elegant coffee table books weave 25 artfully written stories along with 25 carefully curated images from a person’s career or school years or pregnancy or any important milestone or experience into one powerful keepsake.

> All things-travel related. Everything from creatively chronicling trips to bringing mementos and photos from past travel into your home. We also offer expert planning for memorable trips to places that relate to your own or your family’s stories.

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