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November 14, 2017
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Home Decorating & Art/Craft Consulting

We’re passionate about helping people use their homes to tell and celebrate their stories. Just a few of our favorite ways of making this happen:

> The perfect living room or family room. We can help create a space that tells visitors who you are and surrounds children with meaningful pieces of their family’s story.

> Research and creative curating. From tracking down old photos of places you once lived to finding local newspaper articles that celebrate your memories, our reporting and documenting talent is at your service.

> Creative use photography. Whether it’s news images or your own photography, we can create unique art pieces and display ideas just for you.

> Organizing accumulated memorabilia and paper. We can excavate items from drawers and bringing them beautifully and meaningfully into your living space.

> Pulling out and preserving “story elements.” Before an estate sale or the sale of a house, we can preserve items that might easily get overlooked.

> Creating baby and child bedroom decor. We can creatively bring in family stories and facts, or family priorities or beliefs, rather than filling kids’ spaces with the manufactured stories of licensed characters.

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